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Creating Beauty from a Beautiful Place

You’ll know you’ve arrived at our plant nursery after you’ve driven through Schenck’s Mill Covered Bridge over Chiques Creek, and farm fields give way to rows of well-groomed Japanese Pines . . . .
Happily shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& privileged to be “a little bit country”!)
Japanese Red and Black Pines of various types stand sentinel-like against a brilliant summer sky, Manheim, PA.

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With six children and now four grandchildren (and another on the way ), and the widening circle of relationships with their friends and families, James has always built our garden spaces with the thought of sharing the joy with others. How grateful we are in this time of Covid-limited visitation to have outdoor spaces where our children and their friends can safely “hang out” and recharge!
Happily shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& privileged to share)
A rustic stepping stone path ambles through a grove of stately Dawn Redwoods, providing access to shady respite in the summer and majestic beauty in all seasons.

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Several days after my beautiful, lively mother stepped into eternity, my husband hung several bird feeders outside our kitchen window: ” . . . to bring you joy and remind you of her,” he smiled when he came inside. How perceptive his gift! In the 20 years that have flown by since her death, I have delighted in the daily menagerie that flutters around the feeder-laden Pines within easy view of my kitchen workspace.

And each year, as our garden grows to provide more shelter, I am the excited observer of new varieties of feathered visitors joining the regulars at the fly-in diner. In recent weeks, we have enjoyed visits from Brown Thrashers, a Rufous-sided Towhee couple, a teeny Brown Creeper, Eastern Phoebes, a Cedar Waxwing and, most unexpectedly, a Baltimore Oriole! The vivacious activity outside my window is a daily reminder–a living memorial–of my lovely, joyous mother.

Perhaps you are grieving the loss of someone dear to your heart. May I encourage you to establish a “live” memorial in their honor–a bird feeder or two, a patch of wildflowers, a graceful tree, a flowering evergreen shrub–close by, so that each day you can enjoy vibrant beauty “in living memory” of your precious loved one?
Gratefully contributed by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& joyful bird watcher)

With deep gratitude for my mother, Miriam Keener Buhr

(January 13, 1926 ~ October 6, 1999), and mother-in-law, Winifred “Joy” Hayman Hanselman (July 3, 1922 ~ December 10, 1999).

GARDENING: A COVID-PERMITTED ACTIVITY YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT 99066327 4086372701380539 8547775480785272832 n


Among the unfortunate side effects of the current corona virus restrictions are the rising rates of anxiety, depression and suicide. Because of the restrictions, many of the activities that delight and encourage us–gathering with family and friends, cheering on a favorite sports team, attending church–are no longer permissible.

But a study recently published in Landscape and Urban Planning presents data that promotes an activity that has mood-boosting potential, even during this time of at-home isolation: gardening.

According to the study, gardening boosts people’s moods as much as some common types of exercise, like cycling and walking. Furthermore, it can be enjoyed alone or with others, and is applicable almost anywhere–from small inner-city apartment balconies or sprawling suburban backyards.

So if the current lockdown is weighing you down, pick up a shovel, some soil and seeds (or plants), and begin caring for a garden of your own. I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did!

Gladly shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& daily ‘garden joy’ recipient)

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GARDEN ENHANCEMENT: Adding Ambiance with Night Lighting

“You can see faces, but you can also see the stars!”
~ Michelle, Lancaster, PA

Landscape lighting is an efficient way to extend the useability of your garden, while highlighting special features and creating a softer, more intimate ambiance in the same space. We highly recommend landscape lighting for several reasons: Extend your garden time–lighting allows you to enjoy your garden into the night, and opens a new way to experience the same environment.

Add elegance–With well-planned lighting, intimacy and privacy are heightened, and no glare interrupts your view.

Provide security–Safety and reliability are hallmarks of the lighting solutions we provide. Changes to walks, such as steps and turns, are natural reasons to illuminate your garden so that your guests are comfortable and arrive safely.

Care to light up treasured garden spaces? Give us a call to see how: 717-653-1273
Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& celebrant of Light!)

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CARE TO CARE: Realizing your Garden Vision with Appropriate Care

When planning a garden, vision is essential. Envisioning outdoor living spaces that provide joy and beauty in all seasons is an important first step in crafting a garden.

However, many people who have a great ideas for their garden remain continually frustrated with the results, usually because the garden does not receive the care it needs after it has been installed.

To fulfill a garden vision, garden care is vital. Appropriate care requires knowledge of plant habits and growth rates, and the best plant care techniques. It also requires skilled, experienced eyes and hands to see the potential and then develop valuable plants into works of art. Garden care also takes effort, not just to accomplish the regular tasks of planting, pruning, cutting, and shearing but also to keep on caring. When the desire to care wanes, achieving a noteworthy garden is almost impossible. If you are frustrated by your garden, ask yourself if it is receiving the care it needs. If not, consider ways to restore the health and loveliness you first imagined.

With proper care, the value of your garden investment will increase, as plants grow in size, vigor, and beauty. The returns will be great if you learn how to care for it properly or hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful crew to take care of it for you.

Hanselman Landscape specializes in nurturing gardens across Central and Southeast Pennsylvania; we would be honored to partner with you to realize the garden you first envisioned.

~Contributed by Pete Dymond
Hanselman Landscape Garden Care Specialist