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Living Art, Crafted by Hand

Pruning is an essential part of growth, requiring diligence and a steadfast vision to reveal the true potential of each plant. Our commitment to the long-term health and beauty of your garden guides our detailed and skilled approach to pruning and maintenance. Hanselman Landscape offers regular garden maintenance to help you cultivate vibrant garden views that grow richer with time. We invite your participation to help you to craft the garden of your dreams.

Contact us if you would like to like to start shaping your future garden oasis.


Do you enjoy beautiful works of art? Want to add more natural beauty to your life and space? Or find joy in nurturing the things around you? Regardless of your motivation, we would love to partner with you! We are looking for enthusiastic garden owners who are invested in the health and beauty of their gardens. A partnership may be as simple as training you to care for your own plants, or as involved as regular visits where we prune your plants and protect your garden from pests and diseases.

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Special pruning ladder allows careful hand pruning for trees in Japanese courtyard garden, Penn Valley, PA
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Developing and caring for 100+ year old specimen Weeping Japanese Maple, Villanova, PA


Healthy, beautiful gardens require a significant time commitment. For this reason, we seek to be more than a “for hire” crew that shows up from time to time to perform a series of tasks. Instead, we want to be supportive team members, cultivating the health and beauty of your garden. Our services include regularly-scheduled pruning visits, plant disease and pest management services, lawn care, and weed control–all designed to keep your garden growing in value and beauty.

Peace of Mind

Our consistent presence in your garden enables us to prune in the most timely and appealing manner to maximize the beauty of your plants throughout the year. It also allows us to readily observe, identify and treat diseases and pests that could quickly do irreparable harm to your garden, if allowed to spread. Take peace of mind knowing that your garden investment is in capable, caring hands.

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Sunlight reveals the clean lines of healthy, pruned shrubs, Columbia, PA
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Applying anti-desiccant spray helps to protect broad-leaved evergreens from drying out in winter

Protect Your Plants for the Winter

The foliage of many evergreen plants is prone to drying out and turning brown from the harsh winds and bitter cold of winter. Hanselman Landscape can protect your shrubs from this winter damage by applying an anti-desiccant spray to the leaves of these plants, to help them retain moisture and prevent winter burn. We can also build wind barriers and provide snow cover protection to minimize the physical damage caused by wind, snow, and ice. Winter is also a good time to control some troublesome pests without using pesticides; we can spray trees and shrubs with horticultural oil as a physical control for pests that overwinter in garden plants.

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