Hand Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

Hanselman Landscape offers regular garden maintenance to promote the health and beauty of your garden investment and to protect your valuable plants from plant pests and diseases.

Partnership—Do you enjoy beautiful works of art? Are you an instinctive nurturer? Do you take pleasure in growing things? We would love to partner with you! We are looking for enthusiastic garden owners who are invested in the health and beauty of their gardens. A partnership may be as simple as training you to care for your own plants, or as involved as regular visits where we prune your plants and protect your garden from pests and diseases.

Persistence—Healthy, beautiful gardens require a significant time commitment. For this reason, we seek to be more than a "for hire" crew that shows up from time to time to perform a series of tasks. Instead, we want to be supportive team members, relentlessly cultivating the health and beauty of your garden. Our services include regularly-scheduled pruning visits, plant disease and pest management services, lawn care, and weed control--all designed to keep your garden growing in value and beauty.

Presence—Our consistent presence in your garden enables us to prune in the most timely and appealing manner to maximize the beauty of your plants throughout the year. It also allows us to readily observe, identify and treat diseases and pests that could quickly do irreparable harm to your garden, if allowed to spread. Our regular presence in your garden offers peace of mind; you can rest, knowing that your garden investment is in capable, caring hands.

We have many maintenance and pruning services from which you may choose. Contact us if you would like our partnership in the care of your garden.