Boulders & Natural Stone

At Hanselman Landscape, boulders and natural stone are frequently used in the gardens we create because of their wonderful qualities.

Permanence—Because of their size and weight, large boulders require special planning and skill to place in a garden, but lend a desirable sense of endurance and stability that can't be replicated by man-made products. Even smaller stones, such as those used in walls and stepping stone paths, last much longer and have a more pleasing appearance and texture than their man-made counterparts.

Natural—Because we desire to take our cues from the best garden designs available, we find inspiration in nature and from nature-inspired, human-scaled Japanese gardens. Boulders and stones are prominent in some of the most beautiful naturally-occurring landscapes on the planet. Using these sources of inspiration, our team members have studied how to set boulders with a sense of permanence, stability, and quietness, making them appear as if they had always been there.

Contrast—Natural stone is a perfect foil to highlight the differences in texture of various softer elements in a garden. Boulders and stone walls provide qualities of strength and endurance against which a garden designer can juxtapose the more ephemeral qualities of delicate leaves from Maples, Dogwoods, and ferns, for example.

Contact us if you would like to incorporate the permanence, texture, and beauty of natural stone in your garden.