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Timeless Beauty, Designed by Nature

At Hanselman Landscape, boulders and natural stone are frequently used in the gardens we create because of their wonderful qualities. Boulders and stones are prominent in some of the most beautiful naturally occurring landscapes on the planet. Using these sources of inspiration, our team members have studied how to set boulders with a sense of permanence, stability, and quietness, making them appear as if they had always been there.

Contact us if you would like to incorporate the permanence, texture, and beauty of natural stone in your garden.

Natural Stone Boulders Provide Permanence

Because of their size and weight, large boulders require special planning and skill to place in a garden but lend a desirable sense of endurance and stability that can’t be replicated by man-made products. Even smaller stones, such as those used in walls and stepping stone paths, last much longer and have a more pleasing appearance and texture than their man-made counterparts.

Limestone Boulders Recovered From Former Retaining Wall Support Stone Staircase, Lancaster, Pa
Limestone boulders recovered from former retaining wall support stone staircase, Lancaster, PA
Granite Boulders Accentuate A Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii, And Boxwood Shrubs Pruned In Okarikomi Japanese Garden Style, Manheim, Pa
Granite boulders accentuate a Japanese Black Pine, Pinus thunbergii, and boxwood shrubs pruned in the Okarikomi Japanese garden style in Manheim, PA

Natural Garden Design

Because we desire to take our cues from the best garden designs available, we find inspiration in nature and from nature-inspired, human-scaled Japanese gardens.

Natural Stone Provides Contrast

Natural stone is a perfect foil to highlight the differences in texture of various softer elements in a garden. Boulders and stone walls provide qualities of strength and endurance against which a garden designer can juxtapose the more ephemeral qualities of delicate leaves from Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, and ferns, for example.

Natural Stone Used As Boulders, Steps, And Walks, Manheim, Pa
Natural stone used as boulders, steps, and walks, Manheim, PA

Boulder & Natural Stone Landscape Gallery

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  • Natural Boulder Wall
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Boulder and Natural Stone Landscaping: Design and Installation Process

Our garden design process covers all aspects of your project and ensures your goals and vision are met. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive garden design for your residence or simply want to add child-friendly spaces to your existing garden, we will translate your needs and ideas into beautifully crafted designs.

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We begin by listening to your goals, inspirations, and ideas. Together, we’ll create a delightful outdoor garden for your little ones to enjoy.

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Our goal is to create beautiful areas that welcome your family outside. We can provide a 3-D visualization that gives greater clarity, especially if you are incorporating custom landscape and hardscape designs. visualization that gives greater clarity to your vision for custom landscape and hardscape designs.

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After the design is approved, most clients employ our contracting services to help them render their dreams into reality. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and seasoned masons know how to care for your property even while the work is in progress.

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As we design, build, maintain, and shape a unique setting for your home and family, the effort we put into the details will reflect our team’s commitment to quality. Your reward will be the daily joys and the memories you make as you experience and steward your own little corner of creation as a family.

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