A patio designed and installed by Hanselman Landscape can do so much to bring joy to your lives and garden!

Creative use of space—With a thoughtfully-designed patio you can extend your living and entertaining space into your garden, and provide areas for intimate family gatherings or large group functions. Hanselman Landscape can add outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and seating walls to increase the function and attractiveness of your elegant outdoor entertainment center.

Well-constructed garden rooms—A patio, as a floor to an outdoor 'room', affects the feel of the garden by its size, pattern, texture and perimeter. Welcoming, private, cozy, expansive or formal spaces can be created with attention to the patio's design and detailing. To invoke these experiences, we combine our designer’s vision with our craftsman’s attention to detail, creating garden floors that are beautiful, functional, and enduring. We use materials that range from large boulders and natural stone, to the more economical brick pavers and continuous-pour patterned concrete.

Thoughtful problem solving—Our designs create subtle grade changes to move water away from homes and swimming pools while making slopes that are comfortable for walking, sitting or entertaining. Our installers utilize accurate survey tools and their hands-on skill as craftsmen to blend grades seamlessly, even in difficult places. In short, we will provide solutions, not problems for others to solve.

Contact us if an elegant outdoor living room would increase your garden joy!