Commercial Gardens

Communicate your message—You have invested considerable time, energy, and finances in building your company and its good reputation. But have you considered how the outdoor spaces around your buildings might be used to foster an image of quality, longevity, and stewardship? We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways we can partner with you to improve your company's brand message by enhancing its surroundings. We can help you create a beautiful, living billboard to advertise your company's commitment to quality of life.

Improve the experiences of your employees, clients, and vendors each time they enter—What do you want your employees and guests to see when they walk from their cars to your office, or while they are sitting inside? If you want more than the humdrum, disposable landscapes commonly seen around commercial buildings, or wish to provide beautiful views and outdoor "break rooms" for those who work there or visit, we may be just the right company for you. Let Hanselman Landscape put its passion for garden stewardship to work for you; together, we can create a unique environment for your office, clinic, church, or courtyard that is both stunning and sustainable.

Build to last—Just as your business decisions are made to encourage sustainability for your company, so every garden we build is designed to work for the long term. Our full-service, design-build-manage approach assures the success of your landscape investment. Hanselman Landscape selects and installs plants with the insight that comes from years of tending real-world landscapes. We also provide maintenance services to keep your garden investment looking beautiful.

Contact us to make your company look good! We offer permanent and elegant landscaping solutions that deal with the challenges of high-traffic spaces, surface water, drainage, soil quality, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and maintenance.