Plant Disease Control

Plant diseases are numerous and often difficult to detect. Hanselman Landscape crew members are trained to identify destructive plant diseases and our regular visits minimize any damage a plant disease may cause.

The threat is real—There are more than 50,000 different plant diseases known in the United States. These diseases are caused by microorganisms and can be difficult to detect until the effects are visible and the plant is beyond recovery. Fortunately, Hanselman Landscape can help with the detection and management of these diseases, especially if we are frequently in your garden to perform regularly- scheduled pruning of your plants.

Detection is difficult—Most garden owners do not notice plant disease until the disease has done too much damage to the plant, making treatment difficult or impractical. If you have contracted with Hanselman Landscape to have your plants pruned on a regular basis, you have an advantage since we will be in your garden throughout the year and will be looking for plant diseases while we prune. If we notice any issues, we will make you aware of them and can provide the necessary treatment before the infected plants are too damaged or have spread the disease to nearby plants. Early detection also reduces the amount and cost of treatment required.

Treatment is available—When a plant disease is detected, we have the support of state and private labs that can correctly identify any disease we detect. With information from these labs, we can offer a treatment plan to save your valuable plants and keep the disease from spreading to neighboring plants. We prioritize the use of organic treatments and limit the use of chemicals whenever possible.

Contact us if the health of your valuable trees and shrubs is important to you. We offer a variety of pruning contracts and disease management options to protect your garden investment.