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How Health is Your Garden?

Like a doctor’s visit for your garden, it is important to regularly check for issues that are often difficult to detect and can dramatically impact both the look and overall health of your garden. Because of our shared commitment to building gardens and relationships that last, we have developed a range of tools to help mitigate your garden issues, including pest control, plant disease control, and weed control. Our professionally certified team will work with you to create a flexible, effective, and environmentally responsible solution to fit your needs!

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Environmentally Friendly Solutions

As stewards and admirers of nature’s splendor, we take our environmental impact seriously. Our solutions to your garden issues are designed for both efficacy and environmental responsibility. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program promotes early and targeted pest detection that significantly reduces the overall use of chemicals in your garden. Additionally, we are committed to using organic options whenever possible and comply with best practice recommendations from the state of Pennsylvania.

Integrated Pest Management (Ipm) Promotes The Health Of Other Organisms Like The Praying Mantis, Who Play A Beneficial Role In Reducing Other Harmful Pests
Integrated pest management (IPM) promotes the health of other organisms like the praying mantis, who play a beneficial role in reducing other harmful pests
  • Artillery Fungus In Hardwood Mulch Is Avoidable With A Change To Pine Needle Mulch
  • Woolly Aphid
  • Peach Borer And Damage In Dwarf Cherry Laurel
  • Black Vine Weevil Adult Damage
  • Lace Bug Damage
  • Mealybug On Magnolia
  • Tree Injection Helps To Disperse Treatment Throughout The Whole Plant

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Plant pests are numerous, can spread quickly and are often difficult to detect. Hanselman Landscape crew members can protect your garden from the threat of plant pests, and are able to limit the damage that is done by quick identification and effective treatment through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. 

IPM is better for your garden and the environment because it only targets the specific pests and plants that they are inhabiting, rather than spreading a high volume of harmful chemicals using a “catch-all” approach. Note: By combining our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with regularly-scheduled pruning visits, our clients achieve the greatest care and value for their gardens. 

Disease Control

There are more than 50,000 different plant diseases known in the United States. They can be difficult to detect until the effects are visible and the plant is beyond recovery. Fortunately, Hanselman Landscape has the resources and expertise to detect and treat your valuable plants.

We carefully collect samples from your garden and work with state and private labs to develop the right treatment plan. Through partnerships with the state of Pennsylvania we offer solutions that help save your valuable plants, reduce spread to other plants and minimize the environmental impact of the treatment.

Cedar Apple Rust On Eastern Cedar In Manheim, Pa
Cedar apple rust on eastern cedar in Manheim, PA
Garlic Mustard Weed, Which Originated In Europe And Asia, Is An Invasive Plant In Our Northeast Gardens
Garlic mustard weed, which originated in Europe and Asia, is an invasive plant in our Northeast gardens

Weed Control

The joy and serenity of a beautiful, well-planned garden or lawn can be quickly hidden behind an overgrowth of weeds. We offer weed control solutions that are flexibly priced, designed for convenience and efficacy, and environmentally responsible. We can restore the delight and peace of a well-tended garden by doing the weeding for you.

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