Children’s Gardens

Planning special places for little ones is one way Hanselman Landscape can bring joy to your garden!

Safety—It is important that children's gardens take into account the size and energy level of the little ones who will be using it, and that they feel sheltered as they play and explore.

Discovery—Twists and turns in a pathway, rocks for climbing, or a sandy "beach" are all elements that can be incorporated into a garden to foster a child's natural curiosity, sense of wonder, and creativity.

Nature-inspired equipment—Fostering an affinity for the textures and intricacies of the natural world is reason enough for building play places with smooth rocks, grassy hillocks, and child-sized canyons, rather than with man-made playground equipment. Besides, these natural elements can be easily incorporated into the rest of the garden design, adding to (rather than detracting from) the garden's beauty.

Contact us if you have little ones in your life and would like to create a special place for them in your garden!