Fire Pits & Fireplaces

One of our favorite ways of bringing joy to our clients' gardens is with the addition of outdoor fire pits or fireplaces. Although some townships do not permit open fire pits, most will allow outdoor hearths. These special features are worth considering because they add so much to a garden experience:

Warmth—There are few sights more welcoming on chilly nights than a blazing campfire or a glowing hearth. The smell of wood smoke on a crisp, cool autumn evening brings to mind campfire cookouts with children, and quiet conversations with friends.

Memories—Many clients are rediscovering these fireside joys by adding fire pits or outdoor fireplaces in their gardens. One family recently added a fire pit to their garden, hoping to rekindle the memories of their recent African safari, when each evening ended with a huge bonfire around which their family and other guests gathered to swap stories of the day’s events.

Hospitality—Other clients enjoy cooking over an open fire, and have hosted wonderful parties around their outdoor fire pits. Even after the grill is empty, they find their guests linger around the glowing coals, enjoying the warmth and closeness of firelight and friendship.

Contact us if you would like to include the ambiance of an outdoor fire in your garden.