Plant Nursery


Unique selection—At our nursery, we are preparing a selection of unique and beautiful plants for your garden. We specialize in providing plants that are difficult to find in most retail nurseries in the Northeast.

Well-developed specimens—We take the time to develop the root structure, branch architecture, and aesthetic appearance of each plant under our care. The plants in our nursery are raised in boxes that allow their roots to develop fully, ensuring successful transplanting and subsequent growth. For years, we have nurtured and guided the growth of these specimen plants so that they will be truly outstanding showpieces in your garden.

A growing investment—When you buy a living tree, you look forward to enjoying its growth in size, beauty, and value as a permanent part of your landscape. Many of the best garden plants grow slowly, making them treasured companions for a lifetime. Over the years, we have refined and developed our selection of plants to best fulfill this ‘legacy brand promise’ in the various soils and environments in our area.

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