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Commercial and Residential Landscape and Garden Design Services in Lancaster, PA

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Design and Care for Long-Term Benefit

Bring your garden dreams to life. Hanselman Landscape offers complete design and build services for your garden and landscape needs, whether residential or commercial. Our team will thoughtfully design a space that incorporates site specifications, desired uses for the area, and the aesthetic you wish to achieve. That careful planning yields cost efficiency, timely construction, and a beautiful result. We also believe in tending what we cultivate, so Hanselman provides maintenance services and garden solutions that keep your garden healthy and looking its best. This attention to detail and careful stewardship protects your investment.


Allow our experienced designers to render a comprehensive garden plan to suit your needs.  We will help you bring your garden dreams to life.  A master garden plan will prepare for the growth of your living trees and shrubs into a sustainable landscape.  Innovative garden design improves the spaces that nurture your daily life, whether a children’s garden, a swimming pool garden, or even a commercial garden.  Bringing you joy through your garden is the goal of our entire team.

A Setting Sun Casting A Shadow Over A Japanese Garden Designed By Hanselman


Hanselman Landscape provides lasting solutions for some of the most overlooked garden problems.  We install zoned irrigation systems that save hours of watering time and are more cost-effective with water usage.  We also install heavy-duty night lighting systems that enhance safety and beauty and extend garden use into the evening hours.  Our surface water management methods keep water away from the walls of your home while saving your topsoil with creative, attractive, naturalized solutions.

A Stone Patio And Lawn Designed By Hanselman.


Boulders and natural stone provide the visual appeal of “mountains,” “cliffs,” and “plateaus” experienced on coastlines and mountain ranges throughout the world.  Stonework and hardscape also extend the home’s indoor living space through terraces, patios, and paths.

These methods can also be used to impose grades with retaining walls and provide the mass to assist in managing water erosion.

A Massive Boulder Wall Reused As Outcroppings In Garden.


Hanselman Landscape designs and installs swimming pools to be a natural contributor to the entire garden and home environment.  In the heat of summer, it should be a fun, relaxing, memory-building activity center of seasonal home life.  In times of non-use, a pool should provide the peace and rest of a tranquil pond or reflecting pool.

A Backyard Consisting Of A Hot Tub Terrace, Bushes, And Trees, All Designed And Maintained By Hanselman Landscape And Gardens.


Many Hanselman Landscape gardens include water features.  They are intended to add the sound of burbling water and the levity of birds playing to the garden experience.  We achieve this through well-constructed ponds and pond-less options like Tsukubai, which give long-term performance and enjoyment.

A Water Garden Consisting Of Bushes And Carefully Placed Stones Constructed By Hanselman Landscape And Gardens.


A thoughtfully designed and maintained garden can provide generational beauty that increases as time passes.  Hanselman Landscape offers experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable technicians that maximize the garden’s current beauty and continually tend the garden for long-term flourishing.

A Backyard Water Garden Being Hand-Pruned By Hanselman Landscape And Gardens.


Hanselman Landscape has a small nursery of specimen trees and shrubs.  This nursery provides us with a stock of plants grown and cared for specifically to be reliable and attractive in a mature garden – not just at the point of sale.  It also allows Hanselman Landscape to offer sizes and varieties uncommon in the mid-Atlantic area.

Preparing Specimen 'Banshoho' Dwarf Japanese Black Pine For Move To New Home At Hanselman Landscape &Amp; Gardens Nursery.
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Experience the difference of Hanselman Landscape and Gardens

Founded in 1985, Hanselman Landscape & Gardens designs builds, and nurtures a wide variety of gardens in both private and corporate settings. From our headquarters in Manheim, Pennsylvania, we serve clients throughout the region, including Philadelphia’s Main Line—and as far away as Cambridge, Massachusetts. We also cultivate unique specimen plants, which we make available to discriminating gardeners and architects.