Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are among our favorite trees. At the Hanselman Landscape nursery, we grow and offer many varieties of Japanese Maples, and have worked for years to develop a substantial collection from which you may select the perfect specimen to display as artwork in your garden. Japanese Maples are noteworthy for many reasons:

Graceful form—One of the loveliest qualities of Japanese Maples is their graceful, delicate branch structure. Properly cared for, they stretch out their limbs in attractive layers, adding beauty to any garden scene, even in winter. Another positive quality of Japanese Maples is their human-scaled size which allows them to be used in gardens where space is limited.

Stunning color—Probably the most popular reason for using Japanese Maples in a garden is their stunning autumn colors, which range from bright yellows and oranges, to brilliant crimsons. Even in springtime, certain Japaneses Maples leaf out in vibrant neon green and scarlet, making them colorful garden showstoppers throughout the year.

Diversity—In addition to color, Japanese Maples vary greatly in leaf shape and bark texture. Leaves range from delicate and fern-like, to large, peacock-tail shapes. Bark textures are also varied, and can be smooth, deeply fissured, or lacy. Some of our favorite varieties (available from our nursery) are Mai Kujaku, Oisami, Inabe Shidare, Seiryu, Waterfall, Hogyoku, Omura Yama, Sango Kaku, Tsuma Beni, Osakazuki, and Red Emperor.

Contact us if you would like to select one or more of these graceful, stunning pieces of art for your garden.