“Inside Out” Gardens

A unique perspective—Unlike the "outside in" garden which caters to the viewpoint of passers-by, there is another style of garden design which prioritizes the perspective of those who live or work inside the home or building. This type of garden, predominant in Japan, is designed and built to bring beauty and enjoyment primarily to those who live there.

Living in the garden painting—To have a garden that is experienced and enjoyed inside and outside the home evokes the feeling of being inside a rare and special place, available at a glance from the windows and spaces of your house.

The best of both worlds—Although "curb appeal" is a secondary priority, these well-designed gardens manage to look lovely from the outside, too! Whether you are looking at your garden from inside, sitting in the shade in an outdoor "garden room", or walking along the curb, the "inside-out" garden promises sanctuary and delight from all perspectives.

Contact Us if the inside-out garden perspective appeals to you. At Hanselman Landscape, we seek to bring natural beauty into the daily lives of our customers. What better way than to put their garden within the “reach” of their daily experience?