Garden Solutions

Garden Solutions

Night Lighting, Irrigation and Surface Water Control Services

Your garden has functional needs for safety and preservation. Lighting can prevent a stumble on a dark step. Drip irrigation protects your investment in valuable trees and shrubs. And well-managed surface water preserves your soil and keeps water away from your home. In each of these areas, you can expect not only a thorough and effective job, but one that endures and adds elegance and beauty to your garden.

Explore the following sections to see how we can support your landscape garden with these practical solutions in creative ways.

Landscape Lighting Design

Simplicity and elegance—Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your garden into the night, and offers a new way to experience the same environment. With well-planned lighting, intimacy and privacy are heightened and no glare interrupts the view. As Michelle, one of our best long-term clients, phrased it, “You can see faces, but you can also see the stars!”

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Dependable efficiency—For most busy professionals, a timed drip irrigation system is a necessity. The benefits of labor savings, reliably-accomplished watering chores, and healthy plants make the expenditure more than worthwhile. Contact us if you would like to take advantage of the ease, savings and dependability of an irrigation system in your garden.

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Surface Water Control

When installing outdoor structures or garden spaces, we plan ahead to control erosion so as to preserve precious topsoil and keep local streams and waterways clear. From the initial design phase of each project, we give careful thought to managing waterflow away from the home. Although this can be a complex challenge, we always plan for dry basements and incorporate ways to direct water flow away from the home in attractive ways that fit the surrounding garden (dry stream beds, for example).

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We provide landscaping design and professional installations, maintenance and serve the following areas of South Central PA, Eastern PA (Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York County)

Contact us if you would like to explore ways to implement any of these landscaping services to preserve and improve your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Solutions

Does Hanselman do both design and installation for landscape garden solutions?

Yes, we provide both design and installation for landscaping garden solutions. Our design process is very collaborative, and we work alongside our clients to bring their home landscape visions to life. Through the years, our experienced craftsmen and garden care technicians help you develop your garden into your unique envisioned setting. To see some of the work we have done for our clients, please visit our gallery or visit our testimonials page.


What is Hanselman’s service area for garden solution services?

We are headquartered in Manheim, Pennslyvania but we provide services to clients around South Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. We regularly work in York County, Lancaster County, Berks County and counties surrounding Philadelphia (Buck’s County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County). If you are interested in our landscape garden solutions but aren’t sure if you are in our service area, feel free to contact us.


What other types of landscape and garden services does Hanselman provide?

At Hanselman Landscape and Gardens, we provide a wide range of services pertaining to:


Does Hanselman provide drip irrigation services?

Yes, we provide french drain installation services. French drain installation is a service that is often a part of an official storm water management plan. If you are interested in learning more about this service, contact us today.


What types of water drainage services does Hanselman provide?

On-grade surface water management is the best long-term solution in most cases, which could be through:

  • Lawn swales. 
  • Gutters, including decorative stone gutters filled with pebbles for safety
  • Dry stream-beds allow water to flow through steep areas and mulched spaces without erosion.

When necessary, drains with piping can be installed, but require regular observation and cleaning. For more information on surface water management, visit our surface water control page.


Does Hanselman do both design and installation for water drainage systems?

Yes, we provide both design and installation for water drainage systems and other landscaping garden solutions.  When appropriate, we collaborate with surface water engineers and excavation contractors, usually for larger or more complex projects. Schedule a consultation with us today