Farmhouse & Country Landscapes

Respecting local environments—There is a charm and grace to the sweeping vistas of pastures, meadows and cropland, with homes that have nurtured hard-working generations tucked here and there into the landscape. Whether restoring a historic home’s gardens or designing the landscape of a recently-built country house, the primary focus is to preserve and provide access to the views and character that drew people to live in this peaceful, pastoral setting.

Providing shelter—Of significance in rural outdoor life is the need to account for and deal with strong winds and sunshine. One of the charms of typically larger properties in the country is the opportunity to create “space apart”, a sheltered nook where one can enjoy fresh air, and perhaps read, play or observe nature with shade from sunand shelter from wind. Well-placed, these spaces add depth to the experience of life, without interrupting the surrounding vistas. Spaces for sports, trails for walking and riding, plots for growing vegetables and fruit, and meadows for livestock are all part of the country setting and can be incorporated into country estate landscape planning.

Using local and natural materials—Natural stone, brick, stucco and wood are common elements which form the textural palette of buildings in country settings. Extending the use of these enduring natural elements into the garden in hand-formed walls, walks and structures keeps the comfortable sense of continuity with the local surroundings.

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