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Bringing you joy through your garden

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Experience Brings Perspective

A Delightful Experience

Enjoy a thoughtfully designed garden that will enhance your life. We draw inspiration from gardens around the world to surround your home with interest and delight.

Our Garden Design Process

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Share your goals, ideas, and project budget and we will begin to survey and plan your garden

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We will consider all your primary view perspectives, both inside and out as we design your garden

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Your garden dream will begin to take shape at the hands of our highly skilled craftsmen and landscapers

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Every project ends with the reward of experiencing the joyful stewardship of your little piece of creation

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A garden is a shelter from the everyday chaos of a busy life. It is a place where, with careful tending, growth is measured and certain.

Designing, building, and caring for your garden is our passion. The specialists at Hanselman are skilled in a wide range of expertise that, when combined, enable us to provide an unmatched level of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of landscape design services do you offer?

Hanselman Landscape & Gardens is a landscape design and garden installation expert, providing landscape & backyard design, Japanese garden design & hardscape services to PA and beyond. 

Our services include

Do you offer ongoing landscape maintenance services?

Yes. Our garden maintenance staff is trained and equipped to employ a wide range of mulching, soil-amending, and hand pruning techniques to ensure your garden’s beauty remains stunning season to season. We also protect your garden with weed, pest and plant disease removal with minimal chemical pesticide applications. 

Where do you offer garden design and landscaping services?

We serve the the following regions 

  • South Central PA
  • Eastern PA
  • Harrisburg
  • Lancaster
  • York 
  • Lebanon

How involved will I be in the landscape design process?

  1. You will be involved at every stage of the landscape design process from conception to completion:
    1. Share the sources for your vision so we can dream together
    2. Share your concerns and select the best solutions from our discussions
    3. Share your goals, ideas, and project budget and we will begin to survey and plan your garden
    4. Help us consider your primary view perspectives both inside and outside your home so we can imagine your garden through your eyes 
    5. Select special trees and unique garden elements such as boulders at our nursery
    6. Often our installation team will ask your preference as important items are placed so you can have your custom garden as you like it

How much do your landscape design services typically cost?

If we can work out a simple plan with our initial conversation, there is no charge.
Garden design costs depend on the complexity of the site to measure and the complexity of the proposed garden. Most of our plans cost between $1,500 and $7500. When you choose us to implement any phase of that project, we apply these payments as a 5% credit.

How long does a typical landscape design and installation process take?

Because your home and garden landscape are unique, the length of time needed to install a phase of your plan will be related to your needs. Small planting jobs can be accomplished in days, and projects with more parts involved could take a month or some, even a few months. We will discuss the time and cost before we start any work and make sure you are comfortable with the process.

Can you work with our existing landscape or garden, or do you require a complete overhaul?

You have complete control over that decision. When our designer meets with you, one of our first thoughts is how to use all the elements of your home’s environment to improve your garden living experience. Sometimes, when what you own is a perfect fit, we can add to your “in-place” items. If what you have is desirable, perhaps in the wrong place, we will discuss if it can be moved. This way you can keep and develop all the parts you love about your home, while improving your view.

What kind of materials do you use in your landscape designs?

Since we are working to bring you into daily contact with the natural world, our first thoughts are to use natural materials such as: real stone, real plants. Selecting materials is a decision we make together so you have a clear sense of the options and their benefits. For a patio, sometimes alternate materials such as textured concrete are the most suitable for your needs. For garden planting, we consider the long-term maintenance and size suitability of all the trees and shrubs so that you are more pleased with your garden each year. Sustainability is one of our team’s key objectives.

Do you incorporate sustainable or eco-friendly elements into your landscape designs?

For garden planting, we consider the long-term maintenance, climate and size suitability of all the trees and shrubs so that you are more pleased with your garden each year. Sustainability is one of our team’s key objectives for your outdoor living environment. For example, our designs combine groups of plants which work as a community to naturally shade out weeds without chemicals and to reduce the need for added mulch as the plants grow. Developing healthy soil and managing water movement within the garden are also ways we improve the ecology of your landscape.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties for your landscape design work?

Yes, we offer a full 1-year replacement warranty for all new plant installations. Please explore our 100% lifetime plant warranty which is included when you allow us to care for your plants with an ongoing 4 season pruning and pest control & disease control program.