Natural Gardens

At Hanselman Landscape, we have a deep appreciation and respect for the land and the art of natural garden design. This appreciation and respect is displayed in the natural gardens we design.

Restoration—Many of our clients have commissioned us to create natural garden sanctuaries around their homes that will provide daily enjoyment, inspiration, and a safe haven for children, pets, and bird life. Together, we desire to restore paradise in a "paved parking lot" culture (Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell). Nurturing natural garden spaces restores the soul and leaves a legacy of natural beauty for the enjoyment of those who follow us.

Nature's style—A messy garden is a valid concern when nature is left to take its own course since, in the process of maturing from recent disturbance, a wild space naturally goes through a phase of messy, rampant growth. We realize, however, that this is not likely your goal for your garden and offer sensitive design and careful tending so the beauty of graceful order is enjoyed from the garden's inception.

Randomness—Seemingly random, there is a fractal order to natural plant communities that, when achieved in the garden, displays the grace of a delightful scene in nature. Individual elements--plants, stone, soil, and water--combine to create a garden environment that, while carefully planned, looks as if it happened naturally.

Inspired spaces—Inspiration for a natural garden can be the streams, woodlands, wildflower meadows, or mountains that have inspired you. Our goal is to use plants and materials in thoughtful ways to communicate the natural spirit of the garden space while obscuring the hand of man as much as possible. Hanselman Landscape's careful observation of nature and unrelenting standards--from design to garden maintenance–combine to create peaceful and gracious gardens that are naturally unique.

If you are interested in bringing the joy and beauty of the natural world into your sphere of influence, contact us! We would love to partner with you in this worthwhile endeavor.