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Swimming Pools & Gardens

A pool designed and installed by Hanselman Landscape must have the following qualities:

A sense of belonging to the space—We design our swimming pools to fit beautifully and proportionately into the surroundings, as if the spaces occurred naturally.

An integration of all parts of the composition—This means the pool will not be a stand-alone item, but will flow naturally with the other plantings and structures in the environment.

A visual appeal in all seasons of the year—We design our swimming pools to be attractive year 'round, even during the months when the pool itself is not in use.

Unique optional components—We add interactive fun with natural beauty to pools by including massive boulders, jumping rocks, natural-looking water slides, and swim-in waterfalls.

If you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to your garden plan, contact us to find out how we can manage every aspect of the project and make your backyard oasis a dream come true!


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