Rooftop Garden With Raised Planters And Drip Irrigation Designed And Installed By Hanselman Landscape And Gardens In Harrisburg, Pa

 Rooftop Garden Design and Installation

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Imagine a Living Oasis at Your Fingertips in Your Rooftop Garden

Enliven a barren view with a sustainable rooftop garden, where you can enjoy trees, shrubs and flowers or a harvest of vegetables away from the busy street.  Rooftop gardens are elevated courtyard gardens. They feel more open than street-level courtyard gardens, as they achieve privacy with lower boundaries.  Explore your rooftop garden design options with our team of designers and craftsmen familiar with the unique challenges of rooftop gardening.

In a culture that increasingly values and requires environmental stewardship, a rooftop garden is an attractive and feasible option, especially where green space is limited or non-existent at the ground level.

A Rooftop Garden Can Provide: 

A Place of Escape

In the high-pressured, manufactured, and often dissonant elements of city living, a space of verdant growth on a roof offers an opportunity for city dwellers to relax and be refreshed in the presence and slower pace of green-growing things.

A Place to Nurture

Rooftop gardens offer the therapeutic delights of caring for living plants, planting and harvesting home-grown produce, and providing safe, healthy options for the family table.

A Place for You

As with any garden we build, we will customize the design to maximize available space and fulfill your requirements, including constructing specialized growing containers for herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing or ornamental shrubs and trees.

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Rooftop Garden Design | Hanselman Gardens In Manheim, Pa
Rooftop Garden Raised Plant Beds Designed And Installed By Hanselman Gardens

Rooftop Garden Design

If you want to enjoy living plants in challenging places, such as on decks and rooftops, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens can help.  

  • We are experienced in growing large trees and shrubs in containers at our nursery in Manheim, PA.  These plants have the same watering, fertilization and root care requirements when placed in rooftop gardens or in planters on decks.
  • We partner with your architect and structural engineer to responsibly prepare your rooftop terrace garden’s safety and rainwater management.
  • We design and construct rooftop planting containers and utilize special permeable paving solutions to keep your plants (and feet) happy.
  • We test and fertilize your planting mix to the requirements of each type of plant.
  • We install and maintain drip irrigation systems to carefully manage the water needs of your living plants
  • We help you care for your garden through the years by pruning and soil or pest management.

We also help clients enjoy vegetable garden installation or specialized flower garden installation by designing walkway access and thorough soil preparation in any location.

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Rooftop Garden Design

If you want to enjoy living plants in challenging places, such as on decks and rooftops, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens can help. 

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Our Rooftop Garden Design Process

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We listen to your goals, inspirations, and ideas. Together, we’ll explore ways to help you reach your outdoor living dreams, keeping your budget in mind.

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We will discuss the intended uses for your rooftop garden, taking into account the soil type, expected traffic, shade, drainage issues, and grades. We will also consider how the lawns will complement the rest of your landscape. a beautiful outdoor area that welcomes your customers and guests before they even step inside. We can provide a 3-D visualization that gives greater clarity to your vision for custom your rooftop garden designs.

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After the rooftop garden design is approved, most clients employ our contracting services to install and care for their gardens. There are a number of problems we will address and solve during the installation process. clients employ our contracting services to help them render their dream into reality. Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen know how to care for your property even while the work is in progress.

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We want you to love coming home and walking or playing in your outdoor spaces. Our rooftop garden design team brings the expertise and care your private oasis needs to develop and grow more beautiful year by year. in an office, church, or other commercial space. and looking forward to the next season’s unfolding view.

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Founded in 1985, Hanselman Landscape & Gardens designs, builds, and nurtures a wide variety of gardens in both private and corporate settings. From our headquarters in Manheim, Pennsylvania, we serve clients throughout the region, including Philadelphia’s Main Line — and as far away as Cambridge, Massachusetts. We also cultivate unique specimen plants, which we make available to discriminating gardeners and architects.