Rooftop & Vegetable Gardens

In a culture that increasingly values and requires environmental stewardship, a rooftop garden is an attractive and feasible option, especially where green space is limited or non-existent. A rooftop garden can provide:

A place of escape—In the high-pressured, manufactured, and often dissonant elements of city living, a space of verdant growth on a roof offers an opportunity for city dwellers to relax and be refreshed in the presence and slower pace of green growing things.

A place to nurture—Rooftop gardens offer the therapeutic delights of caring for living plants, planting and harvesting home-grown produce, and providing safe, healthy options for the family table.

A place for you—As with any garden we build, we will customize the design to maximize the space available and fulfill your requirements, including constructing specialized growing containers for herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing shrubs and trees.

Contact us if a rooftop garden would bring joy and natural beauty into your life!