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Grow and Protect Your Garden

Irrigation systems are key to getting the best out of your garden, especially through the heat of the summer. Our irrigation system installations are designed to save you time, conserve water, and protect your garden investment. 

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Save Time and Energy

For most busy professionals, a timed drip irrigation system is a necessity. No more frantic watering during scorching days or worrying about forgetting to water on vacation. Your irrigation system keeps your plants consistently hydrated, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your time for enjoying your beautiful garden. 

Zoned Lawn Irrigation Makes Low-Pressure Supply Efficient, Lititz, Pa
Zoned lawn irrigation makes low-pressure supply efficient, Lititz, PA
Automated Drip Irrigation Offers The Lowest Water Consumption
Automated drip irrigation offers the lowest water consumption

Designed to Conserve Water

Our systems use much less water than hand watering or sprinklers; state laws even allow for our irrigation systems during droughts. They can be programmed to run during off-peak hours or when no one is home, and can be zoned to compensate for low water pressure. They are adjustable so you can account for changes in weather and variations in water requirements due to plant type, soil consistency, slope, exposure and other factors.

Solutions for Your Whole Garden

In addition to timed drip-irrigation systems, we install pop-up, overhead, irrigation systems for lawns. Not only do we install, troubleshoot, and repair these systems, we also offer spring start-up and winter shut-off service for each system we install.

Lawn Irrigation Supports Lawn On Raised Terrace, Elizabethtown, Pa
Lawn irrigation supports lawn on raised terrace, Elizabethtown, PA
A Garden Covered In Snow During The Winter Time
We can help you protect your irrigation system in the winter

Winterize your Irrigation System

Our irrigation pipes may freeze and break easily if any water remains in them during the winter months. To prevent this from happening, all water should be thoroughly blown out of irrigation lines before freezing weather begins. We will be happy to do this important job for you and, if you like, we can start up your system again in the spring.

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