Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance

Irrigation systems installed by Hanselman Landscape save time, conserve water, keep your plants healthy, and protect your garden investment.

Dependable efficiency—For most busy professionals, a timed drip irrigation system is a necessity. The benefits of labor savings, reliably-accomplished watering chores, and healthy plants make the expenditure more than worthwhile. Contact us if you would like to take advantage of the ease, savings, and dependability of an irrigation system in your garden.

Flexible conservation—Our systems use much less water than hand watering or sprinklers; state laws even allow for our irrigation systems during droughts. They can be programmed to run during off-peak hours or when no one is home, and can be zoned to compensate for low water pressure. They are adjustable so you can account for changes in weather and variations in water requirements due to plant type, soil consistency, slope, exposure and other factors.

Convenient service—In addition to timed drip-irrigation systems, we install pop-up, overhead, irrigation systems for lawns. Not only do we install, troubleshoot, and repair these systems, we also offer spring start-up and winter shut-off service for each system we install.

Healthy plants
Keep your lawns and gardens green and growing through the heat of summer with our garden irrigation services. Contact us to learn more.