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Specialty Plant Nursery in Lancaster, PA

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Uncommon Beauty, Selected to Delight 

We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality specialty plants that are carefully selected for their aesthetic contribution to gardens in the northeast area. The specimens we grow and develop at our nursery are special because of their unique characteristics, size, and hand-crafted forms.

Contact us if you would like us to add a unique and beautiful specimen plant to your garden.

A Hanselman Employee Hand Pruning A Hinoki Cypress
Hand pruning a Hinoki cypress, Manheim PA

Hand Crafting Our Specialty Plants 

Long-term relationships guide our meticulous plant development. We spend years carefully pruning and cultivating our specialty pants, using traditional Japanese practices to bring out the optimal qualities of each unique plant. Note: Many of our specialty plants require regular and proper maintenance (read about the value of maintenance: parts 1, 2, 3).

Unique and Exquisite

Many of the plants in our nursery are rarely seen outside of arboreta; they offer rare forms, textures, and interest that enliven our gardens and enrich our lives.

‘Osakazuki’ Azaleas In Bloom
‘Osakazuki’ Azaleas in bloom
  • Azaleas In Bloom In Delaware Valley
  • Okarikomi Boxwoods
  • Paperbark Maple With Close Up To Show Bark Texture
  • Pruned Dwarf Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana Gracilis) At A Client'S Garden
  • Variety Of Large-Sized Hydrangeas In Bloom At Our Nursery, Manheim, Pa
  • Japanese Plum Yews
  • Fothergilla Near Mount Airy In Fall
  • Specialty Plant Nursery In Lancaster, Pa Spn01 Nandina Domestica 1 Scaled
  • Native Satyr Hill Holly Tree
  • Katsura Pieris (Lily-Of-The-Valley Shrub)
  • Native Mountain Laurel (Pennsylvania State Flower)

A Few of Our Favorites

We grow a wide variety of plants at our nursery, including hard-to-find plant species and sizes. We also develop a number of deer-resistant plants, such as Native American Hollies, Plum Yews, Ornamental Pines, Pieris, and Japanese Maples.

We welcome you to tour our nursery and see our favorite plants for yourself!

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