Paths & Walkways

A pathway that is both functional and elegant is a key to increasing a garden's accessibility, interest, and value. Hanselman Landscape can increase your garden joy (and keep your feet dry!) with a thoughtfully-designed, well-constructed pathway.

Link—Connect all your living areas, create a relaxing invitation for strolling, and communicate your garden themes with attractive, functional walks. A well-built path guides your feet (or wheels) and keeps them dry and secure. It links your home to the garden or the world visually and physically, and helps to define your garden’s character.

Enjoy—Paths affect the mood in the garden in many ways. A gentle curve invites discovery of the garden 'around the bend', and a large, comfortable step encourages contemplation of a special feature. Changes in direction or surface suggest a pause to examine the garden at hand. A welcoming entrance walk is usually wide enough for two to walk comfortably on a smooth surface, while a small garden path of natural stepping stones fits elegantly in a side garden, allowing your eye to wander when viewed from a window.

Touch—There are many choices for texture and pattern in walkways. The pathway selections we make together for your garden will coordinate with your overall plan, meet your specific functional need and express your unique message to your guests. Formal, casual, comfortable or playful moods are enhanced by the shapes given to the paths that direct us to doorways or meander through the garden.

Relax—In all cases, stability and practical use are primary considerations. We take care to start with a sturdy base and invisibly secure the edges of each walk. Our craftsmen then ensure that the pattern, fit and finish are professionally installed to bring you years of pleasurable use.

Contact us to add the interest and practicality of a pathway to your garden or country landscape.