A few years ago, we were given a new, but slightly defective hot tub. A nice gift, to be sure, but where would we put it? The relatively insignificant need to carve out space for a “free” hot tub turned into the biggest and most beautiful puzzle my gardener, James Hanselman, has yet pieced together. Not only did he want to create a welcoming space for the hot tub; he also wanted to connect the hot tub organically and tastefully with the rest of the home.

To begin with, a pad was built for the hot tub near our daylight basement entrance. Then, beautiful, hand-cut steps were installed to provide access down to the hot tub from the upper level, first from the back of the house about 10 years ago, and finally, from the front of the house this past winter. From the lower-level hot tub and the front and rear steps, gracious nobedan patios and paths were added over time, providing attractive and comfortable access to the home from all directions.

Now, we can walk around the entire home on gorgeous, sturdy, textured walks. Our feet stay clean, our house stays clean, and flow between our home and our outdoor living spaces is smooth and trouble-free. Our nobedan puzzle was creatively pieced together to deliver easy access and joy to those who live here and visit . . . all because a “free” hot tub needed a home!

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& grateful hot tub recipient)

Photos show the masterpiece puzzle James and his team put together around our house to provide clean, easy, beautiful access between our indoor and outdoor living spaces.