Tsukubai Water Fountains

The tsukubai is a water feature composed of a stone water basin often fed with a trickle of water from a traditionally bamboo spout with a set of stepping stones and boulders in functional supporting roles.

Borrowed from tradition—Tsukubai were originally used in Japanese tea gardens as places for washing prior to entering tea houses for traditional tea ceremonies. The word tsukubai means “crouching bowl” or “stooping basin” and was said to have been designed to encourage humility and purity of body and mind. This hospitable gesture also signified a washing away of the cares of the world before participating in close fellowship over a simple cup of tea.

Multi-purposed for modern gardens—Although a tsukubai still alludes to Japanese traditions, in the modern garden it can serve a number of other delightful purposes simply as a source for the refreshing chatter of moving water in a peaceful garden nook, or as a splash park for feathered garden visitors. Butterflies, bees and pollinating insects also love the constantly-refreshed but gently moving water.

Hand-crafted for enduring beauty—Our craftsmen carve out the tsukubai basin from boulders selected to fit the size and scope of the garden in which the water feature will be placed. We have found this trickle of water combined with rugged stone features to be an often-appreciated garden element for all of its historical meaning, as well as the delight that comes from encountering the tsukubai as part of the beauty of the garden.

If you are thinking of adding the delightful splash and play of water to your garden plan, contact us. A tsukubai may be the perfect addition to an outdoor room next to your home.