“What surprised us most was how much more we love our home since Hanselman Landscape began working here! The porch, patio, pool and garden together create a refreshing new feeling in what used to be a boring, flat backyard. In addition to the beautiful new backyard oasis they created, they are here regularly to care for our plants, turning existing shrubs that we thought were worthless into beautiful, valuable specimens.”
—David and Jan, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: porch, swimming pool with jumping rock and patio, swimming pool garden, irrigation, stepping stone path, fencing, privacy screening, landscape lighting, surface water control)

“Both Julian and I are very pleased with the work you have done and the timely completion of the job. I sit on the rock outside our bedroom many times now to meditate on the warmer mornings . . . very peaceful! The squirrels and birds have visited often to explore! I am working in my studio full time now, and love looking out at the lantern and nearby trees and bushes. . . . it's so peaceful with the music I play while I'm working. It has been pure joy for us to work with you--such gentlemen you all are.”
—Betsy and Julian, Bryn Mawr, PA
(Key elements: stepping stone path, Nobedan patio, irrigation, courtyard garden, Japanese garden, landscape lighting)

“I love my garden! It reflects my personality.”
—Susan, Harrisburg, PA
(Key elements: city courtyard garden, rooftop vegetable garden, espaliered trees, specialized garden care and maintenance)

“I want to thank you so very much for doing a fabulous job on my landscaping. James, you and your people are great to work with and I will proudly recommend you and your company to anyone who asks.”
—David, Elizabethtown, PA
(Key elements: streams, bridge and gazebo over a pond, stepping stone pathway, estate gardens, swimming pool garden, lawn and plant irrigation systems, landscape lighting, espaliered trees, waterfall)

“Words do not serve well to express the sense of serenity and pleasure which your fine work evokes. On returning home from my difficult duties this week, this special place which you have created for us provided a welcome respite. I would liken the feeling to that of walking alone through a great museum.”
—Tony, Camp Hill, PA
(Key elements: Japanese courtyard garden with stone wall and bamboo fence, stone bridge, waterfall)

“Our needs were to have as much privacy as possible from neighboring homes. The landscape, because of the size of the trees, does that now. We also had existing beds that could create problems for our foundation. When asked about this, all the men were very helpful with ideas for how to alleviate the problems. Everything was done to perfection. This was the first time in a while (even with building a new home) that we gave the job to someone and never, ever had to go over again and again what was to be done. It was a real pleasure to have your services.”
—Matthew and Julie, Hummelstown, PA
(Key elements: privacy plantings, garden bed renovations)

“We liked the way James (Hanselman) explained and introduced the suggested plantings, actually showing us leaf samples. We needed and appreciated his guidance on how we can nurture and maintain the plants in the future. Thanks for adding to our enjoyment of our home with your creative landscaping. We are definitely pleased to have had your expertise.”
—Will and Janice, New Holland, PA
(Key elements: total garden renovation around historic farmhouse)

“Just thought you would like to know how well everything is filling in. Susie has a padded wooden porch chair pulled up to the wall, and when it is not raining, this is where you will find her--with her cup of coffee and her feet propped up on the wall.”
—Bill and Susie, Camp Hill, PA
(Key elements: custom stone patio, wall, and terraced garden)

“A successful Japanese garden evokes a sense of peace, and we are extremely happy with our garden. It is well designed and our guests have been pleasantly surprised with the results. James was very accommodating and impressed us with his commitment and dedication.”
—Toshio and May, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: Japanese garden with stepping stone path and water-control boulder swale)

“We most enjoy the rock wall and steps leading to the water slide, and the plantings around this feature. We had a great experience working with everyone at Hanselman Landscape. James was creative and helpful with the planning. Ben and the crew were so nice to have around. We would recommend Hanselman Landscape to anyone. Thanks for a job well done!”
—Chad and Brenda, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: Water slide into swimming pool, plantings, irrigation system, lighting, boulder terraces, regular garden maintenance)

“When we first started conceptualizing what the back yard would become, we didn’t know how we would manage to fit everything we wanted—a porch, a pool, space for entertaining, and privacy screening—into the space allowed by our township’s strict zoning laws. Imagine our surprise when James came back with a design that not only incorporated everything we wanted, but seemed to create more space than we thought possible!
—David and Jan, Lancaster, PA 
(Key elements: porch, pool with jumping rock and spacious patio for entertaining, privacy screening, stepping stone path, fencing, irrigation, landscape lighting, surface water control) 

“James is anxious to please, pays close attention to detail and is very careful to ensure that his work looks natural and not contrived. In fact, our garden oasis makes it seem as if we found a naturally beautiful spot where a waterfall formed a pool and then decided to build there! Plus, James is so enthusiastic about what he does! His careful consideration of our ideas and his ability to interpret them into such a work of art is what impressed us the most.”
—Pat and Beulah, Manheim, PA
(Key elements: complete liner-to-concrete swimming pool renovation, swimming pool with stream and swim-in waterfall, expanded patio for entertaining, stepping stone path, irrigation, lighting, stepping stone path, regular garden maintenance)

“Aside from being a unique designer who has integrity and honesty, and pays attention to detail, what really impresses us most is James' love for his work! Our friends and family often comment on the natural beauty of our garden . We highly recommend Hanselman Landscape to anyone. They provide the best for their customers.”
—Mike and Michelle, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: complete liner-to-concrete swimming pool renovation, swimming pool garden, planters, entertaining areas with seating walls, staircases and fencing, outdoor fireplace and fire pit, entry garden, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, regular garden maintenance)

“We are delighted with the design and all of the new plant materials that have been installed. When building a new house, you come in contact with a myriad of sub-contractors and their employees. The quality of the Hanselman Landscape personnel, led by Ben, is above the norm and second to none. They were very polite, attentive to detail, and answered our questions with fine detail. For this we are most appreciative.”
—Tom and Sandy, Lititz, PA
(Key elements: Estate garden, golf course community garden design, plantings, irrigation, regular garden care and maintenance)

“The views from our kitchen bring the woodland setting to our window.”
—Roy and Esther, Lebanon, PA
(Key elements: garden design, new plantings for woodland garden, Japanese garden design elements )

“Our garden is elegant, complete and harmonious. It's such a joy to look at!”
—Amory and Pat, Harrisburg, PA
(Key elements: front entry garden with dry stream bed, unique plantings, patio with handicap accessibility)

“The garden care crew is superb. The leader is bright, perceptive, and totally knowledgeable about all of my hard-to-formulate questions. The ladies in the office are first team, also! We are happy with the work Hanselman Landscape is doing in our garden.”
—Mike, Mechanicsburg, PA
(Key element: regular garden care)

“I can't even put into words how much I love my new yard. Hanselman Landscape did an outstanding job--changing an ugly piece of land into a serene and beautiful garden. Everything is just perfect. I most enjoy the woodland theme and the variety of textures and colors in the new plants. The workmanship of Hanselman Landscape's employees is of the highest quality, and the customer service is courteous and professional.”
—Amy, Enola, PA
(Key elements: garden design, new plantings for rear woodland garden, side yard flower garden with pathway and front entry garden)

“Thank you for your excellent care of our landscaping! We greatly appreciate the knowledge and helpfulness of your workers!”
—John and Sharon, Manheim, PA
(Key elements: regular garden care)

“Thank you so much for our beautiful garden. It is our sanctuary!”
—Heinz and Eva, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: garden design for challenging hillside garden, hard scaping, regular garden care)

“The garden you designed and planted for us has been growing more and more lovely, and is a constant source of delight. Thank you for all the joy you've brought us!”
—Dale and Betsy, Lebanon, PA
(Key elements: garden design for Frank Lloyd Wright style home, garden installation, plantings, regular garden care)

“A tree of life lives on in a cutting board. How lovely! Thank you for this gift, and for preserving a part of nature we often take for granted. There are many joys in our friendship. One is knowing you since 2002!”
—Joy, Lancaster, PA
(Key elements: garden design and installation, regular garden care)

“Thank you for all you have done to make my garden a beautiful place. The view from my deck is outstanding and would not be that way without your assistance. I regularly appreciate all you do!”
—Kristen, Mechanicsburg, PA
(Key elements: Garden design and installation for poolside garden, plantings, regular garden care)

“I proudly and confidently recommend this company. Hanselman Landscape provides top quality care and is a pleasure to work with!”
—Don Pylant, President of the Japanese Gardening Organization