Lawn Care & Development

Since the lawn is often one of the first things family and friends see when they stop by, it is important to keep your lawns looking vibrant and healthy. Hanselman Landscape understands the importance of proper planning, installation, and maintenance of lawn areas and can help to maximize the usability and beauty of the lawns around your home.

Lawns provide links—A healthy lawn provides a beautiful foreground around the home and a visible, physical link between the house, the garden, and the outside world. With care, you and your friends can enjoy carpets of lush, vibrant lawn around your house and outdoor garden 'rooms'.

Lawns require careful planning—During the installation phase, it is important that the lawn area of the property be correctly graded. Proper grading is important for several reasons: it provides solutions for common water problems; comfortable grades will make the lawn areas easy to access and will allow for play and strolling in the garden; and grading can be used to introduce undulations in the lawn to form gentle hills and valleys, adding interest to an otherwise flat landscape. In planning a lawn, it is important that good soil is used to ensure a clean, weed-free growing space. It is also imperative that the type of grass planted is appropriate for the intended use of the area. For example, a tough grass variety should be used in areas that will be used for pets or sports.

Lawns need proper care—In order to stay healthy, weed-free, and attractive, lawns require care. We can help through our lawn maintenance program. We offer lawn services such as soil tests, appropriate fertilization, irrigation, and various organic solutions for pest and disease control.

Contact us if you would like help creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn.