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Lawn Care maintenance Services in Lancaster County, PA

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Beautiful Lawns in Lancaster PA, Designed and Maintained

Imagine coming home from a busy day at the office. You need to wind down. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, you untie your shoes and take off your socks to walk in the rich green grass growing in your backyard. You look around your yard and see how the grass maintains its emerald hue even under the Japanese Red Maple trees. You love the shelter and privacy of your backyard. It allows you to let go of those stressful moments of the day. Once again, your backyard restores your soul.

A Well Maintained Lawn Near Lancaster, Pa
A well-maintained lawn near Lancaster, PA

Lawn Care & Development

Since the lawn is often one of the first things family and friends see when they stop by, it is essential to keep your lawns looking vibrant and healthy. Hanselman Landscape understands the importance of proper planning, installation, and maintenance of lawn areas and can help maximize the usability and beauty of the lawns around your home.

Lawns Provide Links

A healthy lawn provides a beautiful foreground around the home and a visible, physical link between the house, the garden, and the outside world. With care, you and your friends can enjoy carpets of lush, vibrant lawns around your home and outdoor garden ‘rooms.’

Brittany'S Hope - Lawn And Landscape Restoration Around Historic Farmhouse, Elizabethtown, Pa
Brittany’s Hope – lawn and landscape restoration around historic farmhouse, Elizabethtown, PA
Manicured Lawn Cared For By Specialists From Hanselman
Manicured lawn cared for by specialists from Hanselman

Lawns Require Careful Planning

During the installation phase, the lawn area of the property must be correctly graded. Proper grading is essential for several reasons: it provides solutions for common water problems; comfortable grades will make the lawn areas easy to access and will allow for play and strolling in the garden; and grading can be used to introduce undulations in the lawn to form gentle hills and valleys, adding interest to an otherwise flat landscape. In planning a lawn, it is important that good soil is used to ensure a clean, weed-free growing space. It is also imperative that the type of grass planted is appropriate for the intended use of the area. For example, a tough grass variety should be used in areas that will be used for pets or sports.

Lawns Need Proper Care

In order to stay healthy, weed-free, and attractive, lawns require care. We can help through our lawn maintenance program. We offer lawn services such as soil tests, appropriate fertilization, irrigation, and various organic solutions for pest and disease control.

Providing Access To Care For A House Is One Of The Key Design Elements, Often Ignored, Lititz, Pa
Providing access to care for a house is one of the key design elements, often ignored, Lititz, PA

Lawns Designed and Installed

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Our Lawn Care and Development Process

Our Lawn Care and Development covers all aspects of your landscape needs and ensures your goals and vision are met. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive landscape design for your residence or want to maintain the beautiful space we’ve developed together, we will translate your needs and ideas into a beautifully maintained lawn. Contact us if you would like help creating and maintaining a beautiful property.

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We begin by listening to your goals, inspirations, and ideas. Together, we’ll create a delightful outdoor garden for your little ones to enjoy.

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Our goal is to create beautiful areas that welcome your family outside. We can provide a 3-D visualization that gives greater clarity, especially if you are incorporating custom landscape and hardscape designs. visualization that gives greater clarity to your vision for custom landscape and hardscape designs.

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After the design is approved, most clients employ our contracting services to help them render their dream into reality. Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen and seasoned masons know how to care for your property even while the work is in progress.

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As we design, build, maintain, and shape a unique setting for your home and family, the effort we put into the details will reflect our team’s commitment to quality. Your reward will be the daily joys and the memories you make as you experience and steward your own little corner of creation as a family.

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Founded in 1985, Hanselman Landscape & Gardens specializes in the design, construction, and upkeep of diverse lawns in both residential and commercial environments. Operating from our base in Manheim, Pennsylvania, we extend our services to clients across the region, including the Main Line area of Philadelphia—and even as far as Cambridge, Massachusetts. Additionally, we curate exceptional individual plants, offering them to discerning lawn enthusiasts and landscape designers.