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Woodland and Shade Garden Design and Installation

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Woodland Delight – Design Attuned to Nature

Building gardens in shady, forested areas requires working within the natural constraints of that environment – lack of sun, potential deer population, disease, and pest issues. The gardeners at Hanselman Landscape are knowledgeable and experienced in creating and sustaining shade gardens and will use components well-suited to the site. The soil in woodland areas can vary from dry and rocky to soggy clay. Choosing the right plants will ensure a thriving garden, whatever the situation, and create a sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

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Irrigation is Key

Due to root competition in already wooded areas, new plantings will require significant regular watering in order to succeed. The Hanselman team will set up an irrigation system to give new and maturing plants the water they need.  These systems lessen the stress of competition for the growing plants and also lessen the watering burden for homeowners.

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Beauty Built with Purpose

Shady gardens tend to be full and lush by their very nature. A stepping-stone pathway is a beautiful and effective way to provide access to a shade garden while protecting plants and keeping feet dry. Combined with lighting and the “grace notes” of specimen plants, the path creates a lovely journey to be enjoyed while moving through the garden.

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Woodland and Shade Garden Designed and Installed

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Our Woodland and Shade Garden Design Process

Our garden design process covers all aspects of your project and ensures your goals and vision are met. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive garden design for your residence or simply want to add child-friendly spaces to your existing garden, we will translate your needs and ideas into beautifully crafted designs.

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We begin by listening to your goals, inspirations, and ideas. Together, we’ll create a delightful outdoor garden for your little ones to enjoy.

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Our goal is to create beautiful areas that welcome your family outside. We can provide a 3-D visualization that gives greater clarity, especially if you are incorporating custom landscape and hardscape designs. visualization that gives greater clarity to your vision for custom landscape and hardscape designs.

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After the design is approved, most clients employ our contracting services to help them render their dream into reality. Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen and seasoned masons know how to care for your property even while the work is in progress.

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As we design, build, maintain, and shape a unique setting for your home and family, the effort we put into the details will reflect our team’s commitment to quality. Your reward will be the daily joys and the memories you make as you experience and steward your own little corner of creation as a family.

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