Ponds, Streams, & Waterfalls

From the roar of a towering waterfall to the gentle murmur of a brook, water can evoke awe, elation, and serenity. Hanselman Landscape has the privilege of bringing the added value and sensory delights of water features to the gardens and daily experiences of clients all across Central Pennsylvania. We would be pleased to do the same for you. We offer:

Careful planning and installation—It is important to us that the water features we build appear to be integrated into the landscape or garden, rather than stuck on as an afterthought. We will work diligently to make sure that grades, structures, and plantings flow together in a harmonious way, so as to look natural, not contrived. We are also able to manage all aspects of water feature projects, from planning and design, to excavation, installation, and plumbing.

Inspirations from nature—We have studied the way water moves in nature and are able to bring our observations to bear in the water features we build. After Hanselman Landscape added a waterfall and pool behind Pat and Beulah's home in Manheim, our clients' response was: "It feels as if we found a naturally beautiful spot where a waterfall formed a pool, and then decided to build our home there." This is the finest compliment we could receive, since it is always our goal to create a garden or water feature that looks like it belongs.

All-season interest—We build water features that add interest to our clients' gardens in all four seasons of the year. Our water features are unique works of art and are visually inspiring and engaging, even when the weather is too cold for actual water play.

Many options—For 30 years, the Hanselman Landscape team has been partnering with clients to install water features tailored to fit varying budgets, spaces, and dreams. Whether remodeling a swimming pool to include a large swim-in waterfall or adding a trickle of water to a quiet corner of the garden with a Japanese tsukubai, Hanselman Landscape is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and high standards necessary to bring the joy, refreshment, and value of water to the lives and properties of our clients.

Contact us if you would like to add the sensory delights of water to your garden!