Creating and maintaining your beautiful garden is a long process that takes a lot of thoughtful planning and diligent upkeep. However, one essential aspect of garden care is often overlooked: protection. During the growing season (March to September), diseases and bug infestations can wreak havoc on the plants in which you have invested so much.

While many people can easily identify pests such as the Lantern Fly and Japanese Beetle, many other insects and diseases are much more deadly and require a trained eye to recognize. Here at Hanselman Landscape, our Penn State-certified applicators offer free Plant Health consultations involving a survey of the plants on your property. Issues like scale (a bug infestation that sucks the sap out of plants, effectively bleeding them dry) or foliar diseases (fungal infections causing stunted growth, premature leaf drop, and even death) can be discovered during these surveys and a treatment plan can be created. Don’t wait until the health of your plants suffers. Schedule a visit with us by calling our office (717-653-1273) or our Garden Care Manager (717-333-5784) and give your garden the protection it deserves.

Submitted by Julia Kramer

Garden Care Technician

Photo credit for image of “Peach Scale”: