A Well-Appointed Backyard Zen Garden, With Japanese Pine, Lantern And A Small Stone Path

Japanese Garden Landscape Design

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Japanese Garden Landscape Design And Architecture

There is a lot to learn from the well-developed Japanese Garden traditions, including the idea of a garden is a living environment to experience. Our Japanese garden designers use your windows as a canvas to open up your home into breathtaking outdoor spaces.

Your Window as a Canvas

At the heart of Hanselman Landscape and Garden’s mission is the desire to learn from the best garden builders in the world. From the choice of plant material to the placement of rocks and pathways, Japanese gardens are designed to provide rest for the soul and the eyes by eliminating loud, competing elements and incorporating components that flow together naturally and harmoniously.

Our Japanese garden designs are all thoughtfully crafted by designers and unique to your goals, preferences, and space. Whatever your vision and desires, our team can help make them a reality in your space.

Japanese Garden Design Evergreens And Stone
Japanese Garden Design Bridge Over Stream Escape Is A Great Idea For Properties With Water Features

Garden Design Experts

Our Japanese garden landscape designers are skilled in the construction and execution of your design needs. They are master craftsmen, familiar with natural materials and organic designs. The effort we put into the details shows our commitment to quality. 

From protecting your yard with mats to moving equipment through getting the surfaces “just so”, you will enjoy years of trouble-free enjoyment of your new outdoor living space. 

As our client, you will benefit from our experience and perspective as we design, build, maintain, and shape a unique setting for your home.

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Features and More

For many of our designs, we utilize different materials, including stones, gravel, water, plant materials, natural elements, and more. Our design choices are made to create a sense of space that doesn’t overwhelm the entire view and feels expansive.

Regardless of your design preferences and inspiration, working with Hanselman means you will receive a highly intentional garden that you will love. 

A Backyard Japanese Garden Idea That Incorporates Evergreens And Stone Stairs In It'S Design

Japanese Garden Design Process

Whether you are seeking a beautiful view to admire from indoors or are seeking a Japanese garden of your dreams to enjoy, we are here to help. Our process is simple, so you know exactly what is happening at your project without getting bogged down in all the details.



We begin to listen to your goals, inspirations, and ideas, and answer any questions you may have. Together, we’ll explore ways to help you reach your outdoor living dreams, keeping your budget in mind.



Working from your primary viewing perspectives, we preserve major vistas, create new views, and discuss strategies to obscure undesirable elements. For custom landscape hardscape designs, we can provide a 3-D visualization that gives greater clarity to your vision.



After the design is approved, most clients employ our contracting services to help them render their dream into reality. Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen and seasoned masons know how to care for your property and your privacy.



Each project is different, but they all end with the reward of experiencing the joyful stewardship of your little piece of creation. We want you to love coming home, walking in the outdoor space and looking forward to the next season’s unfolding view.

Japanese Zen Garden Ideas

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