Water Gardens

A Hanselman Landscape designed and installed water feature can bring the interest and delight of water to your garden without the issues commonly associated with water gardens!

Water adds interest–Water is one of the most interesting elements to include in a garden. A rushing cascade, a musical trickle, or a tranquil reflecting pond all elicit singular pleasures.

Water features require careful planning, creativity, and skill to design and install–An awareness of how water flows in nature, matched with Hanselman Landscape’s unrelenting standards and attention to detail have brought the interest, serenity, and natural beauty of enduring water features into the gardens of many happy clients.

Natural water features should emulate nature–
To emulate nature, Hanselman Landscape crafts raised stream banks so that the water flows naturally in a ‘valley’. We select stone with realistic proportions and attractive form and patina, and position it on stable foundations in credible rhythm with its environs.

Contact Us if you would enjoy the delights of a carefully crafted water feature in your garden.