Low-maintenance Gardens

Anything worthwhile requires an investment of time and care. With proper planning, however, it is possible to enjoy delightful outdoor living spaces within realistic schedule constraints.

Choose plants carefully—Allow Hanselman Landscape and Gardens to help you select plants that grow more slowly and require less regular tending. One strategy is to use fewer varieties of plants that serve multiple purposes, and plant only what we are able to manage together.

Use nature skillfully—Hanselman installs sustainable plant communities which are dense enough to keep weeds to a minimum. Hanselman's technicians can help develop permanent plant forms through timely pruning care.

Enlist the help of experts—Many of our clients choose to limit their involvement in garden maintenance by trusting Hanselman Landscape's maintenance crews to do the necessary regular maintenance of their valuable trees and shrubs.

Contact us to help you make low-maintenance decisions for your outdoor living spaces.