Hot Tub Terraces

Modern hot tubs bring the comforts of a spa into everyday life more affordably. However, a hot tub is still a large box sitting in your garden. Here are some of the ways we seek to address the challenges of design for access, use on slopes and integration into garden settings.

Lessening the interruption—when possible, we place the tub at a lower elevation so it interferes least with lines of sight. Sometimes a tub is terraced into a bank or partially recessed into a level grade. Though this option involves a series of construction hurdles, it takes much of the volume of a hot tub to a less noticeable height.

Unique optional components—We add various components to deal with drainage, people access and maintenance access. All of the aspects of hot tub installation allow for longevity and ease of function. One of our more satisfying opportunities came from a design which allowed a parent to move their adult son into the hot tub from his wheelchair. It made such a difference that the levels matched and were accessible to wheels.

If you are thinking of adding a hot tub to your garden plan, contact us to find out how we can help integrate it beautifully with your site and life.