Develop your garden vision

Find a source of inspiration, think about your goals, and be ready to communicate them. At this point, it is more important to understand your hopes and motivations than to worry about the details or logistics.

You should also begin to develop a budget, so that you can have a realistic conversation about costs with your designer. Realize that a garden landscape is not a one-time expense, but rather an ongoing and rewarding investment. An experienced designer understands the importance of regular garden maintenance, and can discuss ongoing costs for the garden they propose. To stretch budgets, most people choose to develop their garden in phases.

Shared by James Hanselman

Garden designer, Hanselman Landscape

This photo of a pool garden and swim-in waterfall was inspired by a trip the clients took to a waterfall in Costa Rica. They requested a similar experience in their back yard and Hanselman Landscape was pleased to oblige.