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From garden design and choice of materials to plant care techniques, Hanselman Landscape follows time-honored Japanese garden traditions. But with so many garden styles to choose from, what has led Hanselman Landscape to the Japanese for inspiration?

At the heart of Hanselman Landscape’s mission is the desire to learn from the best garden builders in the world. According to Doug Roth, publisher of a Japanese garden journal (Sukiya Living), every culture is highly successful in at least one area, and “the Japanese are very, very good at landscape gardening.” In fact, Japanese garden tradition has been under development for more than 1,000 years, and is far more refined than most people comprehend. As defined by Roth, Japanese gardens are high-quality living environments that reflect the beauty of the natural world and respond to basic human needs.

The careful thought, high-quality workmanship, and integration of nature’s beauty with daily life that characterize Japanese gardening culture also guide the vision and standards of Hanselman Landscape. For this reason, each company team member is continually trained in traditional Japanese gardening methods. This training is applied to every aspect of gardening, from design to maintenance. Regardless of the style of garden being developed, many Japanese garden techniques have universal application, resulting in high-quality, enduring gardens that delight and refresh.