Custom Shipping



MIT Pine and sculpture installationBecause Hanselman Lanscape’s plants are unique and well-developed from the roots up, we are sometimes asked to ship them to locations outside of Central Pennsylvania.

Pine tree crated for shipping 2Shipping is possible throughout the eastern United States and beyond–Many of our specially-grown ornamental trees and shrubs can be crated for long-distance shipment. We can ship these crated, individual specimen plants and arrange delivery service for groups of plants to nearby states using inter-state trucking companies. When possible, we deliver plants with our own trucks. Please call us to find out if shipping of live plants is available to your area.

Transplanting services are available–If you wish to move special plants from one location on your property to another, or from one property to another nearby property, we can help. We would love to be able to help you move your favorite plants to your desired location.

Contact Us to discuss how we can help you get the plants you want to the places you choose!