Walls & Terraces (OLD)

At Hanselman Landscape, we are often asked to solve problems involving properties with steep slopes, aging wooden decks, or crumbling retaining walls. We have found ways to solve these problems, often using walls and terraces to restore joy and beauty to our clients' gardens.

Trouble-free, enduring beauty—As clients have grown tired of aging wooden decks, we have developed a specialty of creating terraces using lasting materials. We specialize in using natural materials to create many types of stone walls and terraces. We offer rustic, dry-stacked stone or boulder walls, and can also build more traditional stone masonry walls. We often build terraced banks with natural-looking boulder outcroppings. Sometimes these walls or terraces include two-sided seating walls at their perimeter, increasing useable space, reducing clutter, and providing a sense of security when used on taller terraces.

Creative solutions—Some of the interesting reasons we have created terraces include providing handicapped access to a swimming pool, level ground for volleyball and badminton, a zig-zag ramp to reach a fishing spot, and vehicle access to basement doors. Both solid retaining walls and outcroppings of boulders can be used attractively to retain steep slopes or to create planting opportunities.

Natural and Japanese inspirations—Our study of rock formations in nature and our training in Japanese garden traditions has enabled us to learn the art of setting natural stone and boulders with stability and grace.

Contact us to find out how we can put our creativity, craftsmanship, and specialized training to work to solve your backyard challenges.