Bringing joy to your garden!

During our free consultation, we listen to your goals, inspirations, and ideas, and answer any questions you may have.  Together, we’ll explore ways to help you reach your garden dreams, keeping your garden budget in mind. If we are a good fit, you may choose to commission us to provide plans that accurately represent the creative vision we develop together.

In order to provide you with honest answers that meet your unique needs, we’ll take an accurate topographic survey to provide the real-world foundation for the planning process. We’ll also keep in mind the community, climate, soils, and environment which frame your home and garden.

Our first draft of your garden plan is a scaled CAD drawing showing an overhead view. Our plans will show you both the initial size and the allowance made for growth, informed by our real-world experience in garden maintenance. This information has tremendous value; rather than a landscape that is thrown out every few years because of poor planning, you will own a garden that grows in beauty and value with each successive phase.

3-D garden view 1 - overhead3-D Visualization
If you choose our 3-D design option, you can ‘walk’ through your proposed garden and see each part with striking realism, including lighting changes at different times of day. Our 3-D design option allows all of us—client, designer, and crews—to clearly communicate our expectations.

Plant Preparation & Selection
At our nursery, we are preparing a selection of beautiful plants for you, carefully developing their root structure, branch architecture, and appearance so that they become truly outstanding specimens in your garden. Many of the best garden plants grow slowly, making them valuable companions for a lifetime. Contact Us to arrange a personal tour of our nursery.

Construction Management
Our crews are master craftsmen, familiar with natural materials and skilled in the construction of complex gardens. With our friendly, team-oriented approach, we often coordinate all aspects of garden-related projects—including significant home remodeling—preserving your environment and peace of mind. Many clients choose an incremental, phased-project approach to maximize quality while managing costs. Our team will help you prepare for those future needs so that the next phase is not disruptive and wasteful. Contact Us to discuss a phased approach to realizing your garden dreams!

Japanese pruning scissors allow careful tendingGarden Installation
Because we design and maintain the gardens we build, our crews are familiar with the real-life growth potential of the young plants they install and nurture. This combination of professionalism and forward thinking is a rare advantage, preserving the value of your investment.

Garden Care
Our vision of maintenance is to assure steady growth of value and beauty by providing timely, skilled garden care. Although change is inevitable as plants grow and respond to their surroundings, we can direct this change with high-quality care so that your investment continues to flourish. Contact Us to discuss a range of garden care options for your property.

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