Courtyard Gardens

Escape from the hustle and bustle of life to the serenity of a courtyard garden designed, built, and tended by the experts at Hanselman Landscape.

A practical oasis—A courtyard garden is relevant in tight city properties as well as in more spacious settings. For a sanctuary from urban stress, a courtyard garden can literally bring a breath of fresh air in a private and peaceful setting. A courtyard garden can also create privacy, shelter, and intimacy within a larger property.

Valued spaces—Courtyard gardens are usually modest in size, which makes the details more important. Small spaces allow for higher quality materials, permit more precise garden care in the limited time available to busy homeowners, and provide closer, more intimate settings which encourage conversation and relaxation.

Sheltered places—The characteristic enclosures surrounding a courtyard garden can be walls, buildings, fences, or hedges. These garden structures control the view and define the relationship between the garden and the outside world. Providing for privacy, quiet, and a break from ground-level clutter are important considerations when selecting construction materials for the courtyard walls. In addition, the texture and color of courtyard encosures contribute much to the ambiance of the garden.

Courtyard garden design—Courtyard gardens extend a building’s welcoming environment and create a series of interesting spaces or outdoor “rooms.” Windows and glass doors can frame the living artwork of the garden for the enjoyment of those inside, providing views even during inclement weather and at night. Since all parts of a courtyard garden are close to people, it is important to select plants that are touchable, clean, beautiful, and even fragrant. Careful attention to scale, materials, and texture of all the elements will create an enjoyable experience and encourage lingering. With limited space, future plant size and predictive maintenance suitability are important considerations.

Contact us if a courtyard garden appeals to you. At Hanselman Landscape, we seek to bring natural beauty into the daily lives of our customers, even those with space constraints. A courtyard garden is a delightful option!