Hanselman Landscape offers several services to make sure your garden is prepared to endure severe Pennsylvania winter weather.

Plant care—The foliage of many evergreen plants is prone to drying out and turning brown from the harsh winds and bitter cold of winter. Hanselman Landscape can protect your shrubs from this winter damage by applying an anti-dessicant spray to the leaves of these plants, to help them retain moisture and prevent winter burn. We can also build wind barriers and provide snow cover protection to minimize the physical damage caused by wind, snow, and ice. Winter is also a good time to control some troublesome pests without using pesticides; we can spray trees and shrubs with horticultural oil as a physical control for pests that overwinter in garden plants.

Protection for irrigation systems—Your irrigation pipes may freeze and break easily if any water remains in them during the winter months. To prevent this from happening, all water should be thoroughly blown out of irrigation lines before freezing weather begins. We will be happy to do this important job for you and, if you like, we can start up your system again in the spring.

Contact us if you would like our help to protect your garden investment during winter's harsh weather.