Weed Control Services

The joy and serenity of a beautiful, well-planned garden or lawn can be quickly hidden behind an overgrowth of weeds. However, a weed-free garden requires the commitment of time and energy. This is where we can help. We offer weed control services tailored to the needs of you and your garden:

Flexibly priced—Our weed control programs have different price points depending on the level of care you desire. We can visit occasionally to treat the weeds that cause you the most trouble, or we can visit frequently to keep your garden beds looking pristine and weed-free. The choice is yours.

Regularly scheduled visits—Whatever frequency you choose, our weed c0ntrol visits will be regularly scheduled during the prime growing seasons of the year. As a result, we will be in your garden regularly and can alert you to any issues (disease, pest, nutritional deficits) we may notice while we are there. This regular presence in your garden allows for prompt treatment, if needed.

Environmentally responsible—Whenever possible, we will use organic treatment methods to control the weeds in your garden. We are passionate about being good stewards of your garden and the planet. When organic solutions are not feasible, we will continue to structure our treatments to minimize the use of chemicals.

We can restore the delight and peace of a well-tended garden by doing the weeding for you. Contact us if you would like our help!