Pest Control

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

Plant pests are numerous and are often difficult to detect. In addition, they tend to spread quickly and are difficult to eradicate. Hanselman Landscape crew members can protect your garden from the threat of plant pests, and are able to limit the damage that is done by quick identification and effective treatment.

Regular monitoring—Many clients combine our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with regularly-scheduled pruning visits to achieve the greatest care and value for their gardens. Our IPM program involves regular visits to a client's property to observe, detect and treat any pest problems that arise. Regular visits limit any treatment to the specific pests that are detected and the plants on which they are feeding. This approach is better for a garden and the environment, and is less wasteful and less costly than general periodic spraying that hopes to eliminate any pest that may exist in a garden.

Responsible treatment—With an IPM program, you can be assured that we will only treat specific pests and the plants they are inhabiting. We are committed to using organic options whenever possible and to limiting the use of chemicals. The early detection possible with an IPM program also reduces the need for chemicals and the corresponding expenses.

Rest peacefully—Gardens should be relaxing, rejuvenating spaces. The serenity of a lovely garden is disturbed when pests discolor, distort or destroy the plants that fill grow there. Our pest detection visits are supported by state and private labs to ensure we are correctly identifying pests and the best ways to treat them. If you allow us to care for your garden regularly, we have ready access to accurate diagnoses and can provide quick and specific treatment to save your valuable plants and prevent pest infestation.

Contact us if the health of your trees and shrubs is important to you. We offer a variety of pest and pruning services to protect the vitality and value of your garden investment.