Hanselman Landscape is passionate about bringing joy and beauty to your garden by developing vibrant, healthy plants. In our planning process, we group plants in communities with similar nutritional needs. However, if a plant seems to be struggling, we are able to troubleshoot the problem and offer solutions. In some cases, a fertilization program is the solution. We are able to provide:

Diagnosis—We will test your plants and the soil in which they are growing so that we know exactly what nutritional additive your various plants require.

Appropriate nutritional supplements—After receiving the results of the tests, we will add only the fertilizers necessary to treat the specific deficit. We want to be good stewards of your resources while fostering the success of your plants.

Responsible timing—We will plan our fertilization schedule to avoid times when your plants are likely to be stressed, such as shortly after being planted or during particularly hot, dry periods. Failure to account for these stresses would harm rather than help your valuable plants.

Contact us if your plants seem to be loosing vitality and vibrancy. We can give them the nutritional boost they need!