Being a landscaper is not always easy. Often it means you need to brave it when the climb looks intimidating, bear it when it’s time to pull out the splinter, and even calmly endure it when a spider decides to crawl all over you when you need to focus on a challenging pruning task. It means going outside when the wind stings, the drizzle soaks, and the heat buries you.

Despite this, there are days, glorious days, when I pity anyone who doesn’t share my profession. There are days when the sun shines, the birds sing, and all of creation seems to say, “Come out and be filled with joy”. Those days I step back and look at the work of my hands: the shaped shrub, the pruned tree, or the newly-planted flowers . . . and I know that it is good.

So I encourage you, my friend, to take some time some sunny afternoon to step away from your desk, open your door, and go out into your garden. There are days you just don’t want to miss.

Submitted by Julia Kramer
Garden Care Technician