During Covid, when we were all separated from others and sequestered within the confines of our homes, I read numerous articles about the benefits of having a garden or even just a few plants to tend. And indeed, in that bleak season of isolation and uncertainty, the opportunity to be outside tending something living was a gift.

Even though Covid is behind us, I still encourage you to get outside to tend your garden–not only because your garden plants need care, but because it is good for you, too! You’ll spend time in the fresh air and sunshine, staying active at a pace you determine. You’ll be rewarded with time to breathe deeply and quiet your soul as you work; you’ll reap the good health of the plants you’re tending and a property that is tidy and well-maintained; and you’ll be reminded, once again, of the beauty that surrounds you.

My hope for you is that after your day in the garden, you’ll go inside tired but happy, and Oh so grateful for the blessing of a garden to tend!

Shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& “tired but happy” garden nurturer)