One of the greatest rewards of garden ownership is the opportunity to share beauty and garden experiences with loved ones. When family and friends come over, we are inclined to head outside for a stroll or a rousing game of bocce or frisbee golf. The grandchildren climb on the boulders, roll down the lush grassy slopes, build playhouses under the evergreens and swing in hammocks under the shade of native red Maples. As often as possible, we set up for al fresco dinners on the patio in the fading light of a summer evening, or strike up a campfire when the weather cools.

The possibilities for garden joy are endless, no matter the season, and sharing our beautiful space with others multiplies our delight and amply rewards our garden-care investment.

And when our dear ones have gone back to their homes, the garden is still here to provide respite and delight for those of us who remain!

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& grateful ‘garden sharer’)