The P.J.M. is one of the earliest-blooming Rhododendron varieties, displaying vibrant, pinkish-lavender blossoms in early spring. As a slow-growing evergreen shrub, the P.J.M. works well as a natural barrier hedge and adds life to other evergreen plantings.

It grows best in acidic, well-drained soils. Good drainage is vital, since the P.J.M. does not like ‘wet feet’ and is susceptible to root rot. Although the P.J.M. can withstand greater temperature extremes than other Rhododendron varieties, it should be planted in an area protected from winter winds and out of full sun, preferably in sun-dappled shade.

Besides being a resilient and beautiful plant once established, the P.J.M. Rhododendron is also deer-resistant, which makes it an attractive choice in areas where deer are a threat. In recent years, many new varieties of ‘Early’ Rhododendrons (offspring of the P.J.M.) have been introduced and do quite well in our area.

Making room for several P.J.M Rhodie outside your windows would be a delightful way to invite spring to host a party in your garden!

–Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& jubilant spring party-goer)