Our garden investment has blessed me in so many ways, some I never imagined! Like today…our garden is lit up with bright spring sunshine!

I look outside and see the sunshine sparkling on the glossy leaves of the Southern Magnolias just outside my office window. I gaze across at the play of light on the newly-opened, fresh green leaves of an ornamental tree against the darker green of evergreen Cryptomerias. And I know that when I step onto the sun-warmed patio in just a few moments, my heart will swell with the intensity of backlit sunshine through the intricate, brilliantly chartreuse leaves of a Pine Bark Japanese Maple.

Who knew the intricacies of sunlight in our garden could bring such joy to my heart?

What about you? What garden discoveries are lighting up your life this spring?

Gladly shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife