In late winter, when the cold has outworn its welcome, few things are more heartening than hints that spring is just around the corner. In our garden, the very first sign of spring is the blooming of our ‘Arnold’s Promise’ Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) shrub. Even before Vs of geese chorus across the sky, before the first robins begin hopping about on the lawn, and before the Crocuses push up through the damp soil, delicate yellow blossoms appear on our ‘Arnold’s Promise’ Witch Hazel. And it always takes us by surprise!

Not long ago, while I was out walking, a fresh, airy–yet floral–scent grabbed my attention. I couldn’t imagine where it was coming from, since I hadn’t yet seen any flowering trees or shrubs. A quick search led me by the nose to our Witch Hazel shrub. Of course! I should have remembered: this is always our first sign that spring is coming!!!

Joyfully reposted (from a few years ago) by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& spring scent seeker)