There is something invigorating about a walk on a cold, blustery day. With the wind slashing at every extremity or exposed bit of skin, there comes a sharpness, a keen reminder that I am alive! The cold somehow narrows my focus; I notice things I walk right past on pleasant days–the textures of tree bark and boulders, a delicate spray of Pine needles on a weathered rock, a splash of berries clinging to leafless branches . . . .

Without the brilliant colors and clamor of the other seasons, the structure of the landscape is sharpened and clarified. And, while the walk is brisk (after all, the bitter cold IS real!), there is time to give thanks for the ‘everywhere’ beauty of our garden and the chance to rub shoulders with it in each season of the year.

Contributed by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& winter garden wanderer)