When Old Man Winter forces you to stay indoors, an “inside-out” garden becomes even more special as the views from your window become your retreat.

Common “outside-in” landscape planning prioritizes hiding or “decorating” the foundation of the structure to provide “curb appeal” for those passing by on the street or sidewalk. An “inside-out” garden, however, is designed primarily to bless those who live inside and look out; beautiful vistas are just outside–in the garden. So when you can’t physically get outside in winter weather conditions, with an “inside-out” garden you can still experience the beauty of your surroundings through the windows of your home.

We invite you to get cosy, take another sip of coffee, and enjoy your garden from inside. . . no matter the weather!

If an “inside-out” garden is not your daily delight, please give us a call: 717-653-1273. We’d love to bring garden joy to you and your loved ones through your windows every day of the year!

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& “inside-out” garden beneficiary)

The following photos were taken from the windows of our home during a recent snowfall.